Visual Communications

While nothing replaces a face-to-face meeting, video conferencing technology has become so sophisticated that it provides the “next best” option to being there. Video conferencing is a growing part of the fabric of today’s business environment, facilitating communication and collaboration between people in different locations. An increasing number of organizations utilize video meetings to reduce travel costs and ramp up productivity.

Video Conference

Video Conferencing

We design and implement easy-to-use and scalable video conferencing as well as immersive telepresence rooms that allow our clients to:

  • meet remotely
  • share presentations
  • collaborate between locations

From large boardroom meetings, where you feel as if everyone is seated around the same table, to quick huddle-space or executive office meetings where presentation sharing and “whiteboarding” are imperative, Innovative Collaboration will custom-design the solution that fits perfectly into your company’s needs and culture, and which fits into your native workflow. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Video Walls

The global video wall market is expected to double by 2020 as technology continues to advance. Video Walls are designed to convey information in large formats, and can be designed to run 24/7 in highly active environments such as emergency operations centers or command centers for clients that perform, for example, operations thatinclude traffic control, port authority cordination, and government and military facilities security monitoring and control, where information must constantly be made available.

Video Walls allow users to display multiple sources simultaneously, without the need for separate displays or projectors. When you move video walls into the boardroom, you eliminate the need for projectors and their limitations altogether. Video Walls can add to the architectural design with the bonus of catching clients’ attention, conveying information to their employees, or facilitating meetings or video calls.

Innovative Collaboration specializes in the custom development of Video Walls for a variety of purposes. Contact us to see how a Video Wall can help meet your organization’s objectives.

Video Wall
Interactive Environments

Interactive Environments

Interactive environments allow you to interact, one-on-one, with the audiovisual system we design. This kind of high-touch experience can range from displaying or moving content with a control system, controlling remote devices, to the use of a touch-enabled video wall or display to interact with software and participants. Interactive displays allow you to become part of the message instead of merely passively consuming the information being presented. Let’s talk about how we can help.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is everywhere today. Our clients are using it to inform, communicate in the case of an emergency, entertain, educate—and more. Digital signage can be found in company lobbies, airports, along highways, on educational campuses, in office buildings and conference rooms, and movie theaters. We see digital signage in almost every public space today.

Digital signage allows you to communicate with people where they are and in a way that is already familiar to them—via a screen. Large organizations’ executive teams and human resources departments can get their message out to their “on-the-go” employees with corporate-wide digital signage deployment. Marketers can have an affordable and flexible way to advertise products or services, build brand awareness, provide valuable information, or offer relevant instructions.

We specialize in designing the video systems for digital signage and the distribution of content, and our graphics art department can assist you with creating content. Have questions? We have answers.

Digital Signage


The term “wayfinding” describes the processes and tools used to guide people from one point to the next and, ultimately, to their destination. Interactive wayfinding integrates the use of digital signage, touch screens, and other technologies, and allows the traveler to ask for information or directions.

At Innovative Collaboration, we design and build interactive wayfinding solutions that are dynamic and can guide the viewer based on current conditions. For example, if a particular hallway or campus road is closed while under renovation, the wayfinding solution adjusts the directions for users. We can also design our systems to allow the use of mobile devices to store the directional information and maps on a mobile device, access QR codes, and a host of other applications.

Our custom digital wayfinding solutions include everything from the design and development of the digital media and its remote transport, to content development. We create the entire process in concert with our clients to ensure we capture what is most important for their needs.

Want to find out more? Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help.

Presentation Rooms

At one time, presentation rooms only needed to be large enough to accommodate a group of people with the focus on the speaker and the whiteboard or screen behind the speaker’s podium. But times have changed. Today, meetings are evolving to facilitate communication between one person or group of individuals in one room and people in one or many remote locations including what is on the computer systems of remote participants.

Presentation rooms can range from large boardrooms to huddle spaces where people gather to present ideas or to present information to decision makers. At Innovative Collaboration, we design sophisticated audiovisual systems, complete with easy-to-use control systems. We make giving presentations as easy as selecting the device, wired or wireless, local or remote, to present from and choosing where it will be displayed.

Innovative Collaboration designs systems that allow you to focus on your presentation and not on how to operate the AV system. Have questions about your presentation room? Let’s talk about it.

Presentation Rooms